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Boredom-Proof November Bucket List For Families

Written by Kait Fowlie

Halloween may be over, but the fun of fall doesn’t have to be. In November, the weather is ideal for bundling up and setting off on a hike, picnic, or if you never got around to it in October, apple picking! Don’t start hibernating yet — give the last of fall your all. Here are 10 fun things to do as a family this month. Boredom not included.

1. Take a hike to the nearest provincial park to spot the last of the fall colours before all the leaves fall. Bring a thermos of soup and some crusty bread for a picnic, or collect leaves for pressing.

2. Make a book list. Did you know November is Family Literacy month? Celebrate the joy of reading and hit the library to stock up on books. (Hint: Remebrance Day books are a great way to teach kids about the occasion.)

3. Knit a scarf or mittens. Nothing’s cosier than a hand-knit wearable during the cold season. If you’re a pro knitter, teach your kids some basic skills. A collaborative family craft makes for awesome Christmas gifts. Can’t knit? Why not learn!

4. Go to a football game. Gather up a blanket, some hot chocolate and bundle up on the bleachers to support a local football team.

5. Start your Christmas card list. Start drawing up your list of far-away friends and fam who deserve a card in the mail during the holidays… because a homemade Christmas card is so much better than an e-card.

6. Plant an indoor herb garden. It’s not hard to grow herbs indoors, even in a tiny kitchen in the winter. Grab a big pot and tray, some potting soil and a variety of herb seedlings. (The hardiest ones include thyme and rosemary). Plant, place in a sunny area and water as needed. Honing a green thumb is super rewarding, especially in winter when local produce is hard to come by.

7. Be breakfast chefs. Winter requires some serious stick-to-your-ribs eats to start the day. Frigid mornings suck a lot less when you wake up to homemade oatmeal or sour cream silver dollar pancakes.

8. Perfect a family recipe. Whether it’s your mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, your dad’s meatballs or your grandmother’s banana bread, cold rainy days offer a great opportunity to get in the kitchen and hone those skills. Kids can help with measuring, mixing, sifting and decorating.

9. Stargaze in the backyard. November offers some of the best stargazing conditions of the year. Break out the binoculars or tune up your telescope and try your hand at identifying some constellations.

10. Visit a craft fair. Craft fairs are just gearing up for the Christmas holidays. Support your crafting community and head out to a fair. From repurposed clothing to buskers to vegan cake pops, a craft fair offers a sensory-stimulating day out.

How else do you keep kids entertained during November? Stick some of your ideas in the comments section!

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