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Save Money While Driving? Sign Us Up

Smart Drive Challenge

Am I the only parent who feels that their life is spent in the car, driving from one errand to another, from dance to martial arts to a birthday party to a weekend event somewhere out of town?

I always assumed that life would get easier and less hectic as my kids grew up. In reality, there are more places my kids need to be, more places I want to take them, and more time spent in my car than I thought imaginable.

If I sit back and actually think about how much time I’m spending in my vehicle, and the cost associated with running and maintaining it, it’s pretty eye-opening. All the gas and the wear and tear, not to mention the impact it has on our air. It’s pretty mind-blowing to realize that almost half of my greenhouse gas emissions come from driving. Half! If the impact on the environment isn’t enough to humble me, there’s the fact that, on average, households spend 15% of their budget on personal transportation.

I should probably start considering ways to mitigate this.

The Smart Drive Challenge was put together for families just like mine, and yours: families who are too busy leading hectic lives to consider the possibility that there is a better way we could do things. A way that’s much more affordable and efficient. The Challenge is a free online education-based program that will teach you how to save fuel, save money, and reduce your emissions, which is great for your family, the environment, and your wallet. In fact, the Challenge can help you save up to 25% off future fuel costs. And, as if that isn’t a big enough win, you’ll be entered for the chance to win some great prizes, too.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to learn some great tips and techniques on how to become a smarter, more eco-friendly driver and how to make my current vehicle more fuel-efficient. My life isn’t going to get any less hectic but, tonight, while I’m patiently waiting in my car outside my daughter’s martial arts class, I’ll register for the Smart Drive Challenge, and see if there are ways I could be doing things a little better for my car, for the environment and my wallet.


This post is brought to you by the Smart Drive Challenge but the opinions are our own.

Katie Bridges :Katie is the editor of UrbanMoms. A Brit abroad, she followed her husband to Canada and fell in love with the Great White North. She's not a mom yet, but she is a full-time, long-distance Auntie.

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