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Unplugged For Laughs

I don’t “unplug” often enough. I work online, I curate content all the time, and I’m always on the go. I try to take as many breaks as possible from technology to focus on what’s most important to me—my family. But it can be hard to juggle everything. I took a couple afternoons off this weekend to do fun family activities and locked my phone in the glove box of my car. We did an afternoon at the waterslides and a day at the lake, phone-free and it was a total blast. There’s so much hilarity I would have missed if I wasn’t paying close attention. I’m so thankful I didn’t miss what followed.

Before we left, I secretly watched him interviewing the family cat, pretending to be a reporter:

“How do you stay so skinny? What do you eat? Do you exercise? Tell me your secrets.” The cat was uncooperative and mostly unresponsive to this line of questioning.  I could hardly contain my laughter.

When we got to the lake and settled in on the sand these were some of the wonderings of my young son:

“What do you do when your frog does better yoga than you? I mean, other than interrupt his practice to throw him off his game.” Wait…what? Your frog does yoga? I didn’t think yoga was a competitive sport. We do not interrupt yoga. Even froggy yoga. Namaste etc.

“What if the wrong person gets elected in the States, invades Canada and PUTS UP A BUNCH OF SIGNS, MOM? WHAT DO WE DO?” Mental note: reduce screen time during election seasons. Be glad for childhood innocence that suggests the worst that could come from an invasion would be unpleasant signage. How incredibly lucky we are.

“If an eagle and a crow had a baby would they have an eagle-y crow or a crow-y eagle?” Add this to stuff I need to Google later! Mommy knows literally nothing about reproductive practices of birds and if that’s even physically possible. The thing about parenthood is that you never know what questions will be thrown at you. It’s the pop quiz you could never study for adequately.

I’m so thankful for this unplugged time where I could plug into what matters most: my people. Facebook and Twitter can wait ’til tomorrow – we’ve got an existential crisis about amphibian yoga to handle and feline weight loss secrets to extract.


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