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Dryness And Going Commando: Debunking Vagina Myths

When I was little, my mother told me that I should sleep without underwear every so often to give my whole body a chance to breathe. I felt like my mom must be filled with wisdom so I abided by that instruction religiously, for years.

I’ve never really thought about whether or not it was an old wives’ tale that our vaginas need to breathe. I figured, what could it hurt if I slept commando once in a while?

I’m not going to lie; vaginal health has never been a hot topic among my girlfriends growing up. As I’ve gotten older, while my friends will talk about everything from the consistency of our kids’ poop to the bodily fluids we enjoy excreting post-pregnancy, we have never really discussed the overall health and goings on of our vaginas.

It’s just never been a thing. It’s like it’s some mythical thing that we assume is not a typical topic of discussion. Poop? Cool. Vaginal dryness? Not so much.

As it turns out, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about vaginal health that I was surprised to learn about in adulthood; a few gems I have uncovered as I’ve gotten older, all conveyed to me in hushed whispers. We will talk about our vaginas, sometimes, but never with pride and gusto, the way we seem to be okay with bathroom talk.

For example, did you know that all underwear is not created equal? Cotton is your friend. Polyester, stay away! Your vagina needs breathable fabric. And, as it turns out, mom was right—it is healthy to let your vagina air out occasionally. Hooray for going commando!

Prone to UTIs? You might not need to suffer one more day (unless you have a diagnosed medical condition). Going to the bathroom immediately after intercourse can be life changing!

You also don’t need to live with vaginal dryness, nor do you have to rely on lubes. There are products like Vagisil ProHydrate® Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel which relieves vaginal dryness by giving you a natural feeling moisture with no added estrogen, no perfumes, no dyes and no preservatives. The fact it’s both effortless and discreet makes it so easy to deal with one of the more common—but not commonly talked about talked about—issues women might suffer from.

I still don’t know why vaginal health is such a taboo topic. But, here we are. Old habits die hard, including our lack of openness surrounding all things related to the health of our vaginas.

We need to stop sharing conversations about vaginal health in whispers and hushed voices. We all have vaginas! Let’s feel confident about working together to keep them healthy and to remove the mystery.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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