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Project Mc2’s Mika Abdalla Chats About Why Smart Girls Are Cool

When Project Mc2 started, the creators’ goal was to make science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) relatable and fun for girls. Now the Daytime Emmy-nominated series is set to launch Season 2 on Netflix starting August 12 and will continue to prove to girls around the world that smart is the new cool. Season 3 will air on the service later this year.

The show centres around a group of super smart teen girls who band together to form the spy organization NOV8. Together they venture on important missions to save the day in fun, crime-solving experiments. In Season 2, new friends will be added to the existing sleuthers as they continue to show how STEAM is integrated into their everyday lives in an entertaining way!

“The strong values of teamwork, tenacity, female empowerment and intelligence is something we want all girls including my daughters to see more of on television,” said Andy Yeatman, Director of Kids Content, Acquisitions for Netflix. “We’re thrilled to bring two more seasons of Project Mc2 to our members and to show young girls around the world that STEAM is both fun and accessible.”

We had a chance to interview 16-year-old actress Mika Abdalla who plays McKeyla McAlister on the show. She’s also known for her roles in American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky, Summer’s Shadow, Departure, The Fandango Sisters and more.

Season 2 is about to air on Netflix, what can we expect from your character? (or how has she changed/evolved from the first season?)

In season 2, you see a lot more of McKeyla’s struggle to fit in as a “normal” teenager in high school. You also see more of McKeyla’s flaws and how she, like everyone else, is not perfect.

What about STEAM interests you the most?

I’ve always been very interested in math because, once you understand the concepts, it’s just like putting together a puzzle. I think it can be really fun!

The coolest thing you’ve discovered while filming this series? 

I’ve learned that by combining yeast, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap, you get “elephant toothpaste” (the thick foam used in Adri’s volcano cake).

What’s it like to work with Danica McKellar? She’s such a positive and strong advocate for girls in STEAM. 

Danica filmed all of her parts separately from the rest of the show. However, we did get to meet her and she’s absolutely lovely! She’s so fun and such a good role model for young women.

What’s been your favorite episode so far?

The final episode of season 2 has to be my favorite. You’re in for lots of surprises!

If you could tell girls, especially younger teens, about sciences and math what would you tell them?

Being involved in sciences and maths isn’t “lame” or “uncool”. Having an interest in STEAM is definitely not something to hide, it’s something to embrace!

What are your favorite invention(s)? Mine are the airplane and camera…but also the zipper and velcro.

My favorite inventions are the computer, cell phone, and GPS. Oh, and pizza 🙂

Why do you think some girls in our society feel like they need to dumb down when they are smart? It’s okay to look pretty, still love fashion and music AND be smart, right?

Some girls think it’s cute or more girly to play dumb, and it’s not uncommon for girls to be embarrassed by their intelligence. However, being smart is definitely not something to hide or be embarrassed about. It just adds to the list of wonderful things that make you who you are!

Who inspires you (famous or not) and why?

Emma Watson really inspires me, because she shows young girls being smart doesn’t make you not beautiful, it only adds to it.


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Here’s the official trailer for the Season 2 of Project Mc2 that launches globally on  August 12 only on Netflix.

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