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Ariana Grande’s Energy On Stage IS Explosive!

I’m a fan of any live stage performance so when I had heard that pop and television sensation Ariana Grande was planning a stop in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre, my ears perked up. To fill the ACC is a serious feat. In fact, it’s 19,800 for a full house on concert nights. Her stop in the city definitely filled the house… and about 85% of the audience was screaming teens.

Ariana put on a stellar show right from the start in her current Honeymoon Tour. She exploded onto the stage and launched into a very energetic performance of Bang, Bang that had everyone on their feet immediately. I had heard that she had tripped during this performance but I hadn’t noticed because if she did trip in her high heels, she certainly got right back up fast and kept the energetic pace throughout the entire show.

Within the concert, she also incorporated cutting edge technology by using Mi.Mu Gloves—this wearable tech device allows performers to experiment with movement and sound by using hand gestures. Very cool! The gloves were made in collaboration with British singer/songwriter Imogen Heap to give creative control to the performer. And of course, Cat Ears were everywhere as fans clawed for them at the merchandise kiosks. The plastic ears were activated with an accompanying app that lit up in various colours and pulses controlled by the technical team as part of several songs. Here’s a quick peek at how she’s using the mi.mu glove technology…

Ariana performed one hit after another with multiple outfit changes and dancing in heels that are boldly high. It can’t be easy and I truly admire the working machine behind a concert tour. Just think, this young lady has just embarked on a major headlining show that includes 25 cities. The tour just began on February 25 and will end June 16 in Barcelona, Spain.  That’s a lot of mileage and lots of seats to fill!

But she’s not just a pop sensation—if you listen to her voice you can see why people reference her likeness to powerful voices like Mariah Carey. The diva quality has been often sited but I can appreciate that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to get this far.

Ariana Grande definitely put on an amazing show in Toronto after a few shows under her belt prior to this stop, and her fans were ‘right there’ to cheer her on all night!

Thank you to TD Canada Trust  #TDMusic for a great night out! I’ve had the songs on repeat ever since!

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