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4 Ways Mom Fashion Is Exactly Like Mean Girls

Mom life can feel like frump life fashion-wise. It’s a common trap we all fall into from time to time. The struggle is real and it’s pretty universal. Moms are busy people with many responsibilities so excuse us for not rocking a couture runway-to-school-drop-off style. These are the most common causes of mom concerns when it comes to the closet:

Body Image Blahs

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Some days we are bloat-y. We just had a baby (just +/- 10 years) and we can’t all be Kate Middleton okay, looking all perfect and “I just gave birth like this.” I’ll tell you what gets between me and my Calvins. He’s 9 and he talks a lot about Minecraft, and one day I will lose the baby weight (maybe) but for now these sweat pants are looking mighty fine. They whisper sweet nothings and hug me with their drawstrings and forgiving waistbands.

Trends: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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I don’t have time to chase trends when I’m trying to get the kids to stop chasing the cat. I’m just a mom, sitting around in my closet, waiting for 80s bar tops to be grocery shopping chic again. What goes around comes around, eventually (I hope.) Until then I’m gonna play with my 90s snap bracelets and ignore whatever the cool kids are doing these days. Whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!

The Green Eyed Monster In The Carpool Lane

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We’ve all seen her, the mom who has it all together, who looks like she leapt from the pages of a magazine with fully packed lunches that perfectly conform to Canada’s Food Guide clutched by manicured finger tips. She makes us wanna gag, too. Comparison is the thief of joy, this we know, but really life would be better if we figure out who the thief of socks is. (WHERE DO THEY GO? Seriously. Where?) Keep the green eyed monster at bay and focus on what really matters. Finding the socks. I mean, raising the kids into good people.

Fear of Judgment

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Sometimes, as a mom, you feel self-conscious going out in public like everyone is secretly judging what you’re wearing. Can they tell I didn’t just come from yoga and probably aren’t on the way there? Does it look like I slept in this? Do they suspect I wore this yesterday? The truth is, nobody cares. We’re all just out there trying to make sure our own kids don’t lose it in public and embarrass us. Solidarity, sister.

They say you should dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. Currently my job is making sure smaller-than-me humans are alive, happy and healthy. If I can do that and look awesome, great. But otherwise, don’t knock the sweatpants till you try ’em. They’re all that fits right now and they’re pink.

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