7958234380_657105d4e3_m.jpgThis popular gifting lounge has already delivered worthy products and services to the hotel rooms of many stars like Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst. But some celebrities are invited to the lounge (located at the Intercontinental Hotel)  to  discreetly weave their way through several rooms at their leisure.  So, ever wonder what they select? Honestly, they don’t take everything…really, how much stuff does one person need even if you are a celebrity?! So, here’s the scoop on what some of them “scooped”….


YORKDALE SHOPPING CENTRE in collaboration with TIFFANY & CO. are offering celebrities a limited edition silver bracelet – an item with proceeds going to the Hospital for Sick Children. Stars like Sarah Gadon (Antiviral), Kristen Stewart (On The Road) , and  Kirsten Dunst (On The Road) were treated to this lovely gift!  Microsoft’s new Arc Touch mouse was given to Director Anand Gandhi (Ship of the Theseus), rising star Charlotte Sullivan, and fan favourite Siddharth (Midnight’s Children) with co-star Zaib Shaikh.  
LA SENZA goes BEYOND SEXY with the launch of the very, VERY beautiful bra and panty set in sizzling colours. Celebrities, of course, have eye candy to enjoy at in this lounge (and darn it, the young ladies are super nice too! Can’t hate them if I tried! ). Note to self: If I ever receive any lingerie again, make sure to HIDE it from hubby’s eyes until AFTER the insane TIFF schedule of events are done! 


The girls from FoxfireMadeleine Bisson, Paige Moyles, Lindsay Rolland-Mills, Claire Mazerolle, Katie Coseni, Alexandria Ferguson and Rachel Nyhuss hit up the booth and treated themselves to bra and panty sets. We heard that Georgina Reilly (LA Complex, Murdoch Mysteries) had to have the leopard print set! Rebecca Jenkins (Stories We Tell) also picked out a lovely set! Reece Thompson (Daydream Nation and The Perks of Being a Wallflower) was definitely no wallflower here!


INDEED LABORATORIES invites celebrities to take home Canadian made skin care products to achieve  camera ready skin! From the makers of nanoblur, the industry and consumer favoured product for instant, flawless skin, each guest will be treated to eysilix a breakthrough eye contour treatment that instantly lifts and reduces puffiness and dark circles. I think I need this. Eli Roth (Aftershock) grabbed a few of their products as did Maika Monroe (At Any Price). Musician Jarvis Church also recognized the nanoblur product having recently had a make-up artist use the product on him for a photoshoot! Christa Campbell (The Paperboy & The Iceman) also had fun picking out some products. No surprise that heavy metal rock star turned film director, Rob Zombie and wife Sheri Moon Zombie (The Lords of Salem) grabbed some products as well. Scary.


JOHN ALLAN’S was on-hand to pamper the male celebrities. This “by-membership only” club caters to the dudes who takes care of themselves. From shaves, haircuts and other grooming needs an annual fee covers as many visits one could fit in! John Allan has locations in New York and LA as well as Toronto located in The Bay at Queen Street. Director Walter Sales (On The Road) and lead actor Garrett Hedlund (On The Road) both took home gift cards for treatments at John Allan’s along with their signature pre-shave cream. Steven McCarthy (Picture Day) also took home a gift card for services!


BOBBLE the stylish filtered water bottle seems to be popular with nearly all the celebrities who have been to the Tastemaker’s Lounge. Director Matthew Cooke (How to Make Money Selling Drugs) went through with actor Adrian Grenier and picked up tall Bobbles. Siam Yu (I Declare War), Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst are also proud owners of new Bobbles.  
DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY includes more than 70 scents in this lounge. Classics like dirt and grass as well as newer scents like Dragon Fruit were available for the celebrities. Emily Blunt (Looper) sent an assistant who picked out the Champagne Brut fragrance, Kodi Smit-McPhee (Dead Europe) chatted with in-house fragrance expert and selected scents in Salt Air, Dirt and Ocean. Annika Marks (The Sessions) selected fragrances in Moonbeam and Licorice. LOVE! 


Toronto Foodie Fun Studio LE DOLCI was a hit with actress Gabrielle Miller (Call Me Fitz) who order more for her son’s upcoming birthday! Enjoying the yummy cupcakes in the lounge also included Tonya Lee Williams (Young & The Restless), Spencer Van Wyck and Steven McCarthy (Picture Day).
Who doesn’t love to snack on POPCHIPS? Apparently the girls from Foxfire enjoyed them as well as Kirsten Dunst (On The Road), Maika Monroe (At Any Price), Kristen Gutoskie (Beaver Falls and Republic of Doyle), and many others. Yum Yum!


OH the list can go on and on!….other great products that are included in the Tastemakers Lounge are  Kimberley’s Own Granola, Tea Emporium, Me & You Bags, Viviscal, MICRO Pedi, imPRESS nail art by KISS nails, and Sully Wong designer duffle bag.

Thank you to the Tastemakers Lounge for giving us a sneak peek! Whew!

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