Winter is tough on skin. Even my kids with their pliable skin are complaining about dryness, scratchiness and static. It kind of wreaks havoc on my old less young epidermis. It used to be that I’d pass on the pitches to sample products aimed at “aging” skin. “Ha!” I’d scoff, “maybe when I’m forty.” That day has come and gone, and I find myself a great candidate for those aging skin products.

Let me share with you a few of my favourites that are getting me through this winter.


Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Butter
I’ve always been a fan of the The Body Shop’s hand creams, but some of the scents are a little strong (when I walk into the hemp section of the store I feel like I’ve walked backstage at a Willie Nelson concert). This is a new scent, and I find it quite pleasant. I smooth on the rich hand butter just before bedtime, and cary the lotion in my purse for a little moisture surge throughout the day. 
It’s not inexpensive at $18 a tub, but I’m confident this will last me all winter.


Vichy Neovadio Lumiere
Launching next month, Vichy’s answer to BB creams (only the hottest skin care product of 2012), this one is specifically aimed at older skins and promises to nourish skin and boost radiance. BB creams (Beauty Balms) are the ultimate beauty multitasker, offering a combination of primer, illuminator, foundation, moisturizer, anti-aging and sunscreen products in one tube. Vichy’s product contains mother of pearl and gives the face a natural healthy-looking glow. I’ve been using it for a week and my skin feels healthier and silkier, and the coverage is bright and natural. 


Available exclusively in drugstores for $44, it becomes a real bargain if it replaces all of the products (and time) in your beauty regime.
Lise Watier Age Control Supreme
We hear so much about the miracle ingredients derived from plants in the Amazon rainforest, but Canadian company Lise Watier has been working for years with scientists to extract miracle ingredients from the Canadian boreal forests. Made with Labrador Tea, this rich night cream is like liquid gold for my parched skin. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Ms. Lise Watier herself at a recent event, and if she uses this product, then that’s good enough for me. Her 70 year old skin glowed. 
$78 for a 50 mL tub will last an entire season.
None of these products will offer a the fountain of youth, but they’re all new products that address aging skin and I’m coming around to the realization that my skin needs all the help it can get.
In the interest of full disclosure, Trend Watch is written by me; all opinions are my own. It is not sponsored. Sometimes I am given free products to review and sometimes I purchase the products all on my own.

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