Little Meagan was four years old when she was diagnosed with brain stem glioma, a cancerous brain tumour. Two weeks after her fifth birthday she passed away. The community where she lived has rallied to support her family in their mission to raise hope, awareness and research funding for paediatric brain tumours which are the number one cause of cancer deaths in children under 20, through a first of its kind Mother’s Day event -Meagan’s Walk, Creating a Circle of Hope.

When I met Meagan’s mom, Denise, and heard her story I was overwhelmed by sadness.  However, I was also in awe of Denise’s ability to take Meagan’s suffering and turn it into a life saving event for other children like her daughter.  No family should have to go through what this family and others like them have. 

Urbanmoms.ca is proud to support Meagan’s Walk and the upcoming Meagan’s Walk Dinner and Dance Gala on February 23rd at the Liberty Grand in Toronto.  For more information or tickets for the Gala or for information on a walk in your community, please visit www.meaganswalk.com.  If you would be interested in attending with a group from urbanmoms.ca, please email jen@urbanmoms.ca.

Meagan’s Story

Little Meagan was a couple weeks from her 5th birthday when she drew a special picture for Mother’s Day. Giving it to her mother she explained how the two people in the picture were mommy and daddy and the object above their heads was she, a little angel who would always be with them. It had been five months since her diagnosis of brain stem glioma, a cancerous brain tumour whose effects were terminal.

In the months she lived with cancer she was held by her mother’s warm embrace each and every night. In the days, she managed to live life to its fullest, as naturally as a child with her disease could. She went to pre-school when she was well enough, she played happily with friends when she was strong enough and she cuddled every little living creature she could.

Meagan passed away quietly on June 17, 2001 with her family at her side. Never once did she complain about her treatments, rather she focused her time making and wrapping little presents to give to medical staff and friends. These gestures were her five-year old way of saying thank you for their love and caring, and perhaps even goodbye.

In the months that Meagan’s family journeyed with their daughter’s cancer, they were tremendously moved by the outpouring of caring and concern for their child. Cards, e-mails, telephone calls, flowers, presents, visits, healing masses, school ceremonies, candle vigils, community fundraisers, donations to The Hospital for Sick Children in her name – all these acts of goodness and kindness are testament to the lives Meagan touched from around the world. How remarkable it is that her death could give birth to her legacy, a legacy of hope for all children living with brain tumours.

Meagan’s story is one of courage, spirit and hope.  Please visit www.meaganswalk.com for more information on how you can help.

  • Samantha

    My heart aches as I read this. I think about my own babies and can’t fathom the desperation and sadness this family, and others like them, have experienced.
    Thank you urbanmoms.ca for covering the “tough stuff” and reminding us that there is more to life than what we own and that we have a responsibility to each other.
    I will definitely be at the walk with my 2 kids.

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