Well – so far my summer fitness plan is da bomb….er….I mean a bomb.

I could make lame excuses like I was on holiday for the past month, traveling in the car, it was really, really hot…etc.   
But I won’t.   
I still have a little belly that is uncomfortable and sticks out when I wear dresses.  So I bought Spanx,  OK, not real Spanx, the cheaper copycat version I bought on a whim at Costco.  
It’s a bandaid treatment but it will have to do for now.  
Don’t worry Jillian Michaels, I will return to you (on DVD that is).
What about your fitness plan, or your Spanx for that matter – do you wear it?
  • Erin Little

    Thanks for all the comments. I actually didn’t find them that uncomfortable, I’ve only worn them once so far. I find my belly more uncomfortable than the spanx. Of course, I would really prefer to be more fit.
    Kath, the Jillian DVDs are great. 30 Day Shred is particularly good because it’s short – 25 minutes, and very effective.
    Ultimately I want to feel good so I will be trying again when I have a routine. The lack of routine this summer makes it hard. So does the heat (I don’t have access to an air conditioned gym for most of the summer).
    Also, Clean Eating, here I come.

  • Jen

    Oh man do I hear you! I don’t know why but I have been completely lacking motivation to MOVE at all this summer. And, the results are that my Spanx are out again. Ah well. I am trying really hard to accept my body as it is a direct result of all of the good times I have been having so far this summer!!

  • Alice

    I’m sticking to my regular running and strength days (except this week, when I am working 6 days and have no time, but this is my first big slack).
    My feelings on Spanx? Well, those who love them, love them, but I am too big a fan of comfort, and I figure if I can’t pull off a certain dress without them, then I can’t pull it off. No big loss, there are other dresses, right?

  • Kath

    Ahhh, Erin I sooo hear you! I actually lose weight during the school year when I pack healthy lunches (usually salad every day). During the summer I tend to go to barbecues, drink wine once in a while and generally let things hang out (figuratively and literally). I did join the Y last month and have been swimming lots of lanes, but I know I need to cut back on those carbs! Yes, I have 2 pairs of Spanx and one knockoff which I threw out (don’t buy the knockoffs at London Drugs – they don’t stay up, and a girdle that rolls down is worse than nothing at all!). I have worn them once or twice this summer, but I find I’m at that point now that even with them on I feel fat. Then I just feel fat AND uncomfortable.
    Do you like the Jillian Michaels videos? I’ve been thinking of maybe getting a rumba video for our Xbox Kinect. (Hell, I should even play Just Dance on the darn thing – it would get me moving, anyway!)
    I wonder when/if I’ll EVER feel comfortable in my own skin? (Hmmm…I feel a post coming on)

  • Annabelle

    Love/hate relationship with Spanx. And who could wear them this summer? Too darn hot I am curious about the ones Sonya mentioned. If only we all could just learn to love ourselves more and burn all Spanx. So damned hard…. Are the VS ones at least prettier to look at? Sexy Spanx??!! 😉

  • wendy

    Well, I have stuck to my 75 minutes of rigorous cycling in the Haliburton Highlands. I think I’m burning between 400 and 500 calories a day, but no positive results on my bod. I think I am better off doing what Sonya is doing – the cottage is killing me! Treats, drinks, nice dinners… When you have guests, it’s hard to say no. Eating and drinking is so social, and I feel unsociable when I’m not participating. Sigh. I guess I’m going to have to cut back on calories – Spanx don’t go well with a bathing suit.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE my spanx! But I got an even better version at Melanie Lynn when I was shopping with my mom. They are FANTASTIC!
    But yes, summer is tough. Too many drinks and treats, etc. All I’ve been able to do is maintain…which is a good thing I guess!

  • Sonya

    It’s no secret that I don’t exercise. lol…but I discovered from my naturopath that eating healthy even just two weeks, really helps… eliminating carbs (except for rice once in a while), dairy (I only drink lactose free skim anyway) and extra sugars (no pop, candy, sugary alcoholic drinks), makes my belly bulge go down. And taking a Flora supplement to promote healthy intestines. It’s the easiest way for me to lose any weight and feel healthier. She said “imagine if you exercised too?”
    The tummy is the only spot that I’m personally conscious of…Spanx is great! But I prefer the Victoria’s Secret seamless ones (this is not an endorsement) that are not as thick but do the same thing only I wear the style that just cuts high enough to cover the belly but doesn’t cover the legs. Polyester elastic bands in the summer is NOT comfortable. TMI?

  • Sara

    The summer is hard! But god wearing those in the summer might be harder! I’m still sticking to my fitness plan (although my effing neck is gone again!) and am frankly shocked that I have. The first month blew…but now I’m really loving it and the results. After the beer I plan to drink this weekend though, I feel I will be ready for some spanx!

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