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stuff I learned in July

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 hannah’s art work art studio for children

People surprise you in either good or bad ways when a little bit of life happens

The trick is to  work  to surprise yourself in good ways, regardless
I should not do a downward dog in a bikini-pretty sure my stomach from that angle screams “I had two large babies full term”
I love to have good people around me more than anything
I like only intermittent time on my own
my dreams are highly indicative of my thoughts
I like running (I can’t believe it)
I need running
swimming in cold lakes is still in my top 10 favourite things (sorry, can’t stop talking about this)
Time is amazing, difficult, elusive, and the master of all
Peaches are still my very favourite fruit followed by little tiny fresh cold wild blueberries
When I say ” I love change” that really means “I love change away from something that is not right, good or making me happy” All other change is very difficult and not what I want.
I love organic experience- taking something from nothing, building something from a small and simple framework and letting it loose
July weather is the sexiest, you must all agree
I cheer for the underdog
Women over 40 who don’t eat well, look like shit. This includes, as if it goes without saying, women who eat next to nothing maybe more than those who eat everything in sight
Skinny dipping under the moon is practically a spiritual experience
 I have a healthy amount of self love  but  when the going gets tough I can be very hard on myself.(this is no newsflash)
I like big chats at small parties rather than small chats at big parties
I feel power and energy at the oddest times.
I love to stay up all night this time of year
I love it when my friends jump in the car and come and see me for a sleepover because they miss me.
I looked in the mirror no more than 7 times this month, wore no makeup, hardly brushed my hair. Love that.
And yes that was orange paint on my eyebrow, why didn’t you tell me yesterday?
  • Nancy

    Oh I hope you get to this weekend- yes lets get together soon- so much life to hear about and discuss!

  • Nancy

    thanks and I sense you are loving it too xx

  • Sara

    Good learnings oh wise one. I would totally drive up just to say hi – except…I’d get lost. Skinny dipping under the mooon is the BEST – I hope to do it this weekend…Big chats at small parties are the best. Can we have one soon???

  • Tracey

    Sounds like summer is agreeing with you, Village… enjoy it all. xoxoxox

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