Mom's The Word

By Jen

Jen, travel writer and founder of UrbanMoms philosophizes about modern day mothering, social media, and life's next adventure.

Trend Watch

By Jennifer

If it will make you feel good, look good, or make life a little easier, Jennifer will tell you about it!

Losing It!

By Kath

Katherine is a mom of two girls and a self-described dilettante. Join her in Losing It as she shares slices of her hectic life and eclectic interests.

The Cool Aunt

By Marianne Litman

Marianne is the editor of UrbanMoms. She loves to read, write and dragonboat! While she isn't a mom just yet, she prides herself on being the cool aunt.

The Culture Pearl

By Sonya

Sonya is a true Urban Mom! Her goal is to inspire you to do what you love and maybe experience something new! Fuel for your mind, body and soul. She reports on the best of the best of city life from arts & culture, food, events, lifestyle and tech for families and chats with interesting people. Everyone has an interesting story, right?

Shelf Candy

By Alice

Alice is a Children's Librarian and mother of two. She is passionate about books for kids and teens, and delights in sharing new finds and matching kids with books to enjoy. She loves that she gets to do that here!

Sparkly Shoes & Sweat Drops

By Alison Tedford

Alison Tedford is a single mom of an energetic little boy in Abbotsford, BC. She documents her journeys in fitness, parenting and feminism on Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops (

Sleep, Sanity and Skinny Jeans

By Amanda

Amanda had three girls in four years and is waist-deep in the beautiful chaos. She keeps it real. Always.


By Christine Stock

Christine is a lover of all things book related. She teaches English for a living and blogs about books for fun. She lives with her husband, tween daughter, and two furry friends (who keep her company while she enjoys the next great read).

Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce

By Erin Silver

Erin is a single mom and though her separation and divorce were the most challenging life experiences, Erin is putting her energy into helping other single moms learn to survive and thrive, too


By Sara

Sara is a single mom by choice to an over the top kindergartener, Will. She’s chronicling their ups and downs together and what she’s learning about herself at the same time.

The Urban Millennial

By Tanya Cruz

Tanya is a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie and full-time news nerd. If something is happening, she'll want you to know about it. Don't worry, she's got your back - she'll keep ya in the loop!